Iris Notions is a one woman operation, and it is important to me to be transparent about my pricing so that you know where your money is going. I believe that you as a consumer deserve to know the costs that go into the items you purchase in order to make informed decisions. 

Currently, the prices I have listed for each item include the cost of materials, the time it takes me to create each piece on the production level, packaging/handling costs, and a small cost margin to cover operational fees. Currently, I pay myself $15/hour. 

The packaging/handling costs include the cost of all packaging as well as the time it takes for me to pack/ship each item. To keep costs low, I use recycled materials from around my home whenever possible to create my packaging. I will always choose to purchase eco-friendly packaging alternatives whenever necessary. 

As I am a small self-funded brand, I have included a cost margin in order to cover operational/overhead costs such as website fees and small marketing fees. The cost margin is reflected in a few dollars calculated into the cost of each item. 

I want my prices to have a level of accessibility while also being manageable for me. I strive to find a balance of both. I believe that we as consumers have the power to vote with our dollar, and where our money goes matters. I hope that by being transparent about pricing you will feel more informed about your purchases, and, in turn, cherish the pieces you own.